Originally from a small town in Alabama called Florala, Jen Trogdon got her start to playing music at 15. After watching her grandfather, dad, and uncle play guitar and stand up bass, respectively, Jen wanted to get a feel for live performing. Jen picked up the guitar, and blame it all on her roots, began playing country music. As a country music fan, Jen draws her inspiration from 90’s female country artists, Terri Clark, Ashley McBryde, and, most importantly, her dad.

Jen has played with a variety of music groups as well as a solo artist around Austin, TX. However, the most important people Jen has played with to date are Robert Lockwood and Billy Hill. Although both of these men have passed on, they left an indelible mark on Jen. Robert was a fellow guitar player who taught her everything he could in the short time they knew each other. Billy was a bass player that was Jen’s fearless leader on stage. She wishes they were both here to see her rock, but knows they are following her to all of her gigs in spirit.

When Jen isn’t shredding on guitar, she is a talented carpenter. She enjoys building little things here and there like Halloween decorations and most recently a fireplace wall. Jen also has a talent with a crochet hook. You could say Jen is an absolute savage at creating art with her hands, and The Hazy Shade are lucky to have her!