Finnia Griffiths is a Rock’n’Rolling wife, mother, grandmother, self-taught guitarist and bassist with over 30 years of experience. Originally from Galveston, Houston TX area, she moved to Austin in 2007. Finnia says her biggest music inspiration came from her mother who had a huge record collection from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. From R&B, to old-school country, to rock & roll, to top 40 greatest hits. One of Finnia’s fondest memories was at age 5 being taken to the record store to pick up the new addition to her collection.
Finnia grew up with 5 sisters who all loved to sing and dance so music was a big part of her childhood in the late 70s and 80’s. When Finnia was in middle school her older sisters took her to her first live concert, and she was amazed by the way it sounded and felt compared to a Jukebox or radio. From that point on, Finnia went to as many concerts as she could manage. One of these early concerts she attended was to see Heart. She was so excited to see a female guitarist, Nancy Wilson, in the band. That was the moment when she knew she wanted to play electric guitar. Beginning at age 13, Finnia saved her money to buy her first electric guitar and through a contact of her father’s, began lessons. She started even then putting down roots to help other female musicians find their way. Finnia started playing with a band in her 20s, and shortly thereafter became a mom and wife. This new family quickly found themselves with a 3-year-old drummer, so Finnia picked up bass to play along with her son. As often happens, life circumstances meant that Finnia had to take a break from music to focus on her family for several years.However, with the encouragement of her husband, at age 45 Finnia found her way back to her music and hasn’t stopped since.
Finnia plays in two other all-female bands Dogs and Diamonds and Ready Betty!! She also is a volunteer band coach, instructor and mentor for GirlsRock camp in the summer. It’s her joy to inspire and encourage the next generation of young female musicians. When Finnia isn’t playing or teaching, you will find her at shows around town, supporting other musicians and local artists. You won’t find a better fan or supporter than Finnia!
Some of Finnia’s MANY inspirational musicians are:
  • Female bassists – Suzie Quatro, Carol Kaye, Janice Marie Johnson, Tina Weymouth, Michael Steele, Tal Wilkenfeld
  • Male bassists – Paul McCartney, John Paul Jones, Jaco Pastorius, Bootsy Collins, Stue Hamm
  • Female guitarists – Sister Rosetta Thorpe, Jennifer Batten, Lita Ford, Nancy Wilson, Nita Strauss, Nili Brosh, Alyssa Day
  • Male guitarists – Jeff Beck, David Gilmore, Eddie Van Halen, Joe Satriani, D Jango Reinhart
Finnia’s advice? It’s never too late to become a musician. The best music teacher you’ll ever have is experience, so get out there and play with whoever and wherever you can. The lessons you’ll learn will be invaluable! Never stop learning and doing what you love, always stay humble, be a team player, be open minded, play with passion, perform with your heart, inspire and encourage others. ❤️