Originally from the Midwest, Brittany Shane got her start to music at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she learned to play guitar. Although Brittany had been singing for years, she found a love for music her sophomore year of college when she took a book of poems she wrote in high school and put music behind them.

While Brittany is a talented musician and singer, that was not always her path. Brittany originally began as a dancer where she danced and taught for 10 years in San Francisco and 10 years in Austin. While in San Francisco, Brittany began playing gigs at The Fillmore playing upstairs in The Fillmore Poster Room before acts like Liz Phair, Chris Isaak and Natalie Merchant graced the main stage. The Fillmore booker listened to Brittany’s record “Have Heart Live Young” and promoted her to The Mountain Winery in Saratoga, CA where she opened for Heart, Foreigner and Peter Frampton. Brittany considers The Fillmore as giving her first big break.

Brittany finds her biggest inspiration from her husband Scott and son Oliver. Scott helped Brittany come up with the name The Hazy Shades, makes time for her to practice and encourages her to always keep going and learning! When the band was just an idea of the day, Scott said, “Do it!” And he’s been extremely supportive ever since. And Oliver reminds Brittany when it’s time to take a break from singing a line too many times!

When not singing, playing bass or guitar, or rocking out on a tambourine, Brittany loves swimming and yoga and is even on the Masters Swim Team at the Austin Swim Club. Brittany considers the perfect day a day filled with swimming, yoga, music, and family.

Her favorite guitar is her Rickenbacker 350SH Susanna Hoffs Signature electric guitar. Brittany has wanted to put together a Tribute to The Bangles band since she bought her Susanna Hoffs Signature electric guitar in the early 2000’s. At the beginning of the summer of 2022, Brittany woke up one day and decided she was going to do it. And The Hazy Shades were born!

You can also visit her singer-songwriter page at www.brittanyshane.com or follow her on Instagram @brittanyshanemusic